Coaching for your professional development, Derbyshire, U240

Coaching for your professional development
What can life coaching do for you?
What happens in a coaching session?
About Clare

• Are you feeling the stresses and strains of work?
• Do you lack confidence in certain work situations?
• Do you procrastinate, avoid difficult situations or potential conflict?
• Do you wish you could get your voice heard and have a stronger impact?
• Are you afraid of giving presentations?
• Do you want to achieve even more at work than you do now?

Most of us are great at elements of our job and know deep down that there are certain thoughts and behaviours that hold us back. Coaching can fast track your professional development and improve your performance across the board.

As your coach I will assist you to:
• Get back in your zone where you are most calm, productive and effective
• Remove the blocks that stop you from making decisions, tackling difficult issues or improving your relationship with your boss or colleagues
• Improve your communication skills and get your message across so that it hits home every time
• Overcome your fears about speaking in meetings or in public so that you learn to enjoy the adrenaline and perform as the real you
• Build your professional confidence so that you achieve more for yourself and others

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