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Aussie Life Coaching - Australia

Bill Baren - California

Lequin Executive Coaching - Bath

Karen M Good - California

Windy Warner - Texas

Seishindo - Seishindo is based upon the principles of Aikido, Noguchi Sei Tai, NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis. By learning how to tap into the intelligence of their body, people can overcome stress, pain and live a more fulfilling life.

Lisa Branigan - Australia

North Suburban Life Coaching - Worldwide

Michele Caron - Canada

Sue Pledge & Roger Colmer - Dorset

Steve Mitten - Pacific Northwest

Kristin Mackey - Florida

Dr Jonathan Moy - New Zealand

Karl Perera - Turkey and UK

Be Happy in LIFE - life coaching - Australia

Self Motivation, Life Coaching, Work Motivation, Student Motivation and staff motivation. - Learn how to get the best out of yourself, your colleagues, and your current work situation and learn how to better organize your life so the stress levels in your life are kept at an all time low. - Australia

Bob Griffiths - London

Altazar Rossiter - London

Alex Tana - Isle of Wight

David Bonham-Carter

Amanda Bouch - Greater London, M4 Corridor, Southeast

Isla Baliszewska - SouthWest, M4 corridor

Christina Bachini - All of UK, Republic of Ireland, International

Laurel Alexander - Southeast

Claire Bradford - Sussex

London Life Coach - Liz Wilde is a life coach based in London, UK, with experience in personal, wellbeing and career coaching.

Principal Evolutions Executive Coaching - Executive coaching and leadership development to help business professionals evolve and get the results they want.

Philip Humbert - Eugene, OR

Lori Hamann - USA

Dimitra Mallos - Sydney, Australia

Sally Ann Law - London

Rachelle Disbennett-Lee - USA

Life coach in Reading Berkshire - Paul Jerome - Coaching for Life

Sam Langfitt - Florida

Anne Pink - North Yorkshire

Sam Slay - Panama City

Katie Grames - USA

Baz Hartnell - UK

Diane Brandon - Durham NC

Anisa Aven - Houston, Texas

Paul Koscher - Dallas

Mary Lunnen - Cornwall

Jack Elias - Seattle

Molly Gordon - Seattle

Jessica Hinz - Illinois

Erin Suess - Illinois

Suzanne Muusers - Arizona

ECL Coaching - UK

Catherine Billam - Hampshire

Motivational Speakers:

Female Motivational Speaker - Cynthia Nimerichter: “My mission is to empower every individual to live a delicious life. Learn the 3 Gs and the Delicious Theory™ and life will astound you.

Motivational Speaker Daryl Wizelman: creator of a multi-billion dollar company shares his secrets for business and personal success.


Dunmore Hypnotherapy Derbyshire

Dunmore Hypnotherapy Derbyshire

Dunmore Hypnotherapy Nottingham Hypnotherapy and NLP in Nottingham


Life Coaching Information - Online coaching advice, tips and information for business growth, executive careers, personal life and sports performance together with how to start a coaching business.

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