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Coaching for your relationships
What can life coaching do for you?
What happens in a coaching session?
About Clare

•Do you wish you could get on better with your kids, partner, parents, friends or boss?
•Do you lack confidence when meeting people for the first time?
•Do you find any of your relationships stressful or annoying?
•Are you giving so much to others that there isn’t much left for you?
•Are you coming to terms with the end of a relationship?

Relationships are so important in our professional and private lives yet we can become stuck in how we view ourselves and how we relate to others. Coaching can deliver new insights, different behaviours and better relationships.

As your coach I will assist you to:
• communicate more effectively with everyone
• believe in yourself so you feel confident when you meet others
• develop your boundaries so that you connect with those you want to and protect yourself from those you don’t
• develop techniques for dealing with people who have previously caused you stress or annoyance
• ensure that you prioritise you so that when you give to others you don’t end up feeling depleted
• help you reconnect with who you are and what you will bring to future relationships

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