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the sessions
What happens in a coaching session?
What can life coaching do for you?
What happens in a coaching session?
About Clare
We agree to have a one hour coaching session every week or every fortnight depending on what suits you best. Our sessions will usually be by telephone or skype, or a mixture of both, depending on what you prefer. For clients who live in Derbyshire we can also arrange to meet face to face in a neutral venue.

In the sessions, I will:
1. Provide a reflective space where you can enjoy special time for you and invest in resolving issues you are struggling with and planning for the future
2. Ask questions that help you find the answers and solutions that lie within you
3. Challenge beliefs or assumptions that may be holding you back
4. Give you effective tools to help you practice new ways of thinking and behaving eg:
• Move from feeling anxious to calm; doubtful to confident; indifferent to excited and to be able to summon up your desired state on demand
• View things from a completely different perspective, unlock new insights and improve your relationship with others
• Break unhelpful habits and build new ones that help you move forward
• Stop negative thoughts and encourage new, kind, supportive ones instead
• Help you learn from past experiences and build a stronger sense of self as a result
5. Help you work out what really matters to you in life
6. Identify clear goals that you really want and can achieve in all areas of your life.
7. Help you plan and stay motivated as you take the steps to get you there
Coaching will help you gain new perspectives on your life as you move towards your goals with new found strength, clarity and resources. Sounds good doesn’t it?
Give me a call now so we can plan how coaching will work for you.
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