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How Clare managed to achieve so much in just four one hour sessions is incredible! The coaching was transformational for me, both in my career and personal life. Clare managed to get me into a more positive headspace, and encouraged me to take control of the situation I was in, leading to an improvement in my confidence, energy and overall outlook. Her approach is calm and supportive: I felt very safe in her hands. She never outwardly tells you what to do, but encourages you to figure that for yourself, which is perfect for gaining confidence and ensuring you are able to continue to be in control after the sessions are complete. I cannot thank Clare enough. Nicky Bellenger

I was coming back into training after an extended period of not working clinically and felt very anxious about my skills and competence. Clare was able to show me how many skills I still had and how I could go about managing situations with a high cognitive load. She has given me techniques to use at home and at work that allows me to feel more in control. My confidence has grown during the coaching sessions and I can see the benefit of the changes I've made.

I found the time with Clare extremely thought provoking and insightful. I have experienced personal development and 121 coaching in the past and Clare’s ability to engage, listen and provoke thought is as good as anything I have experienced before. She was a real pleasure to work with and I would certainly be interested in revisiting coaching with her at a later date. Peter S

A real breakthrough in both my professional life but also in my personal life. Clare was a great help and I can’t thank her enough. I feel like a different person. Luke Stanley

I have gained a lot of knowledge & understanding of issues I have faced at work, and Clare has coached me in the use of appropriate tools to better handle difficult situations. In the past, I dealt with some negative situations, in a negative way, only making the issues worse than before. Clare has taught me some very useful methods and information, to now deal with these issues and move towards getting a positive outcome for all involved, no matter how difficult they initially seem. Nigel Bailey

I am currently a GP trainee and I was referred to clare via the PSU in order to focus on improving my time management and note taking skills during consultations. I received a total of four coaching sessions from Clare, and found them very useful. Throughout all of the sessions, Clare was very approachable and supportive, and she spent a lot of time with me trying to get to the bottom of the problem. We then spent a lot of time discussing how we could try and improve things together and I then went on to put these methods into practice. I found these methods very useful, and I feel that I now have a set of skills that I can now use again and again in the future if needed. Overall I enjoyed my coaching sessions and would recommend them to other people. RZ

It is a pleasure to recommend Clare as a coach. She helped me to structure the areas that I needed to work on by using mind maps and talking through different ways I might approach things that I wanted to do but getting me to think about it myself. I found her approach very creative which inspired my own creativity. I have moved on to process what I learned and am using the tools she showed me all the time. She is a very positive personable lady and understanding, you feel she really listens to you. I wouldn't hesitate to see her again if I found myself stuck. M Johnston

Overall I feel the coaching has benefited me greatly. I feel that we covered quite a range in topics in quite a short time – the coaching led to me getting clear direction on how I should deal with my current working situation as well as considerations for the future. I felt the sessions offered me clarity and direction on how to move forward with regard to how to manage and lead my team. Clare was a great coach, offering valuable advice and direction. She was really enjoyable to work with and I always felt optimistic after each of the sessions. I would work with Clare again with absolutely no reservations. J Ferguson

I found the sessions really helpful in offering me time and space to talk through some of the challenges of my role and to reflect and reaffirm some of the approaches I was already taking. It was particularly useful at a time where I was focusing on improving collaboration between my team and Content and Channels and establishing an effective management team. Also ways to retain a focus on the development of my own team (which has been through another period of change) and putting structures in place to ensure I'm able to be an effective leader/manager/coach to my team despite an extremely busy diary. Clare was great in helping me explore these and find potential solutions and I also really valued some of the tips, tools, techniques and models she introduced me to through the sessions. I've since implemented a number of approaches which have helped me a lot (digital task list, weekly team huddle, etc) and have taken a number of other approaches from the sessions that I will continue to work on establishing over the coming months. Adam S

The coaching sessions were well structured and used a number of different models and techniques. They were all challenging and deployed well to help me explore the real nature of my situation. Whilst the sessions were challenging, Clare did make me feel comfortable form the outset and created a safe and trusting environment. The outcomes for me were indeed a reconnection with my confidence, self-belief and motivation. Working with Clare was also fun!!! Paul Whittingham

Our coaching sessions been a fantastic help to me while going through such a period of upheaval and change, both personally and professionally. Your calm and thoughtful approach helped me find insight and made me realise that I already had many of the answers I had been looking for - I just hadn't been able to take the time to properly reflect or face up to the issues that had been troubling me. I now feel that I have some tools and techniques which I can use in the future - and change doesn't seem quite so frightening anymore! DE

The coaching sessions provided a really useful basis for thinking about management approaches and styles. Management models were presented in context and at the right time which was really helpful in aiding understanding, otherwise you can end up with a load of tools that don’t make sense outside of any useful context. Clare was really friendly and approachable which is key to gaining trust and making the sessions useful. Being given the time and space to think through various scenarios and how to approach these was beneficial. S Walker

I would like to thank you for the coaching sessions I had with you. It was an eye opener to me, enabling me to effectively tackle certain issues that posed a challenge to me. It was beautiful how you made the sessions very interactive supporting me in bringing up workable ways of achieving my desired objectives. You provided a friendly and supportive atmosphere thus encouraging me to share the challenges I faced. I would definitely recommend you to anyone in need of a coach. All the best. Ekaete.

What the coaching has given me is perspective – I tend to focus on what I haven’t achieved rather than looking at all I have achieved. I have now realised that I have done/achieved far more than I thought and talking this through with someone totally independent has helped me focus on this. Clare has no bias or agenda in terms of my role/achievements and hearing some of her summaries of the issues I had identified has been extremely positive. I feel a fog has lifted and I can now move forwards with my role without letting it impact on my home life. Pam G.

I was a very nervous/ apprehensive when it came to my first coaching session with Clare but straight away she made me feel relaxed. I found myself being able to talk/cry/say things to Clare that I would have normally kept bottled up. It helped me change my views/ways of thinking about situations that have been making me feel unhappy for quite a long time and even after that first session, I felt as though a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders and that there was light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you, Clare. Stephanie, Sheffield.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for coaching me! I have loved every session, and I definitely feel like I am on a path now that I wasn’t back in January! I feel much more confident and clearer about my career and pursuing opportunities for development. I could not have done it without you. A.S.

I have found the sessions with Clare really valuable for me during a very personally challenging period in my life. Gaining a better understanding of myself and my core values has helped me to put things back into perspective. Recognising self limiting beliefs and using tools to separate my initial emotional response from data / information has enabled me to see how I am able to deal with situations in a different way. Using confidence tools has significantly helped the way that I feel and my response to challenging situations. I recognise that changing a lifetime of behaviour and thinking approach won’t happen overnight but I feel that I have started on the journey! Rita Coe

‘Coaching sessions with Clare are like a spa for the mind’ AM

Immediately after my first session with Clare, the thunderous cloud that was threatening to engulf me, disappeared! I engaged really positively with my four coaching sessions and would recommend the lovely Clare, without any hesitation. The first piece of work we did on revisiting and reaffirming my values was a revelation. I’d forgotten who I was! I immediately recognised my core values as being optimism, empathy, integrity, fairness and teamworking. They are mine and now that I am in touch with them again, I feel good! I was at a point in my life where I lacked confidence in moving from work/work balance to work/life balance (an unknown!). Gaining clarity about my strengths and achievements (which I had lost sight of) was really helpful and I learned some new tools to help me make the right career choices in future. Denise Pain

'I have thoroughly enjoyed the coaching experience. Clare was an excellent coach and a true professional. I always felt very motivated and positive after a session. Clare has a friendly manner and always asked questions that made me think for myself. It was a great experience and I will continue using the tools and techniques in ‘everyday life’. Louise

'I heartily recommend Clare as a life coach. She has helped me to focus and given me motivation to move towards achieving my goals. She has also enabled me to see the possibilities in life and view things from a more positive perspective' Janet.S

'Tomorrow I start a full time job as Admin Officer at Southwell Care Project where I had been volunteering. I am sure that without your support and encouragement this would not have happened. The coaching helped me gain the confidence I needed to start back in the workplace after a long career break. Sometimes when I felt like giving up, the coaching sessions encouraged me to keep going. I am so pleased I invested in those sessions. Thank you very much' Helen Davenport

'Clare Manning is the first and only life coach that I have had and she has taught me so many lessons in how to handle every day life situations that were causing blocks in my life. Through help and guidance from Clare and my own practice, I feel like the person I always wanted to be, even better than I could have imagined. If you are wondering whether to contact Clare, I say, go for it. Lift that phone and decide to change your life for the better. I firmly believe that unless you work on the areas that give you your greatest fears and biggest stumbling blocks, you will always stay stuck where you are. My biggest fear was standing up in front of people and presenting information, and now I can do it, and actually enjoy it. If you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you have got. Clare can help you to change. Thank you Clare. I will always be grateful that our paths crossed' Gail M

I would strongly recommend you to provide coaching in any subject. My experience was very enjoyable and the 2 hour sessions went by very quickly indeed. Your expert knowledge of communication came across throughout the sessions along with your ability to listen very carefully, taking account of every detail that was relevant to the topic in hand. Your professional and friendly approach was very much appreciated and the coaching you provided gave me management tools that I will most certainly use in the future. S Tibbs

'I had 4 coaching sessions with Clare, each of which I enjoyed. Clare is extremely approachable and immediately gained my trust, important as a life coach. She always listened and was not afraid to challenge me on ways of working which were not fruitful for me. As well as helping at work, Clare also helped me to have a better work-life balance and to have a vision for the future as well as living in the now. From work initially being difficult for me I now enjoy my work and relish rather than fear new experiences and challenges' T.S

'Clare has great patience and understanding and the ability to really bring out and inspire the best in people creatively. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to people or businesses seeking a coach to manage change, conflict, career decisions or just seeking to remove blocks to success, better communication and relationships' Rachel Jennings

'I found my coaching sessions with Clare very useful. They supported me through a time of transition and Clare's style is very adaptable, she always had the right tools at hand that helped make sense of the problem/challenge I was facing' Manager, Sheffield Hallam University

'Clare really helped me through a very difficult time. Not only did she provide excellent practical ideas for me to use to work through my issues, but she helped me to learn to value myself and feel more confident and hopeful. I feel so appreciative of the work Clare and I did together in our coaching sessions and know I will use what I learned for the rest of my life' Katie Leonard

'Clare is an enthusiastic and positive coach. She is an attentive listener and asks intuitive and thought provoking questions that encourage self discovery. I happily recommend Clare and am sure anyone who works with her will benefit greatly' Jenny Young

'Clare embodies the unique combinations of features which I believe are essential in life coaching: warmth and ability to see through an issue to its core. Her approachability makes people feel comfortable and open up quickly. She brings vast expertise in business and life wisdom to her sessions. Striking a perfect balance between reassurance and challenge, Clare helps her clients move forward and make tremendous changes in their lives. She also taps into a wide range of tools in her work, which can accommodate various learning styles and modes of operating. I especially enjoyed creative ideas as they helped me look at my challenge holistically from the perspectives that I had not been aware of before' Barbara Bassa

'Clare offers clients a magnetic blend of her lovely, warm, friendly, natural manner, combined with an intelligent, sensitive application of the many powerful tools in her professional toolkit'
Georgia Litherland

'Your sessions are incredibly powerful and inspiring and your energy and enthusiasm are catching. I always feel really buoyant after our sessions, like i’m walking on air. I feel motivated to do my actions and think about things in between sessions. I was stuck before and i’ve moved considerably. I’m in a really good place'
Donna Howat

'You are a very good coach. I already feel more positive. It’s strange how quickly you start to think differently when asked challenging questions. I feel better about my current job and ready to focus on options once my youngest starts school. I didn’t know where to start before but now I feel like i’m moving'
Deb Mullens

Hi Clare,
I just wanted to say a sincere thank you for your coaching session.
I sat down with Adam last night and I told him everything that had come out of the session. He was impressed at my level of focus after the weekend compared with previous conversations where I could hardly string a sentence together my mind was that jumbled.
We are now aligned and on track and have started making plans already with the goals that we elicited for me to work on firmly in place.
Needless to say, I can’t thank you enough.
All the best,
Kelly Thorn

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